#LentVoices – Cleansing

They stood silent – shocked beyond the core at the actions of this agitator.

Amid the dust and squabbling animals there lay scattered coins, flour, grain and broken bottles of wine.

The man paused, exhausted. Sweat dripping down his brow, he finally put down his makeshift whip and looked at the still stunned crowd.

This travelling preacher had gained a reputation for peace and love – what could possibly have set him off in this way?

What he could see, but they could not yet understand, were the barriers they had created – by tradition, uncritical habit and stories that had warped over time.

He knew, as we must, that sometimes drastic action is the only way to break through and create new possibility

This post is part of a collaborative project called #LentVoices. For more details of both the project and contributors, see here.

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