#LentVoices Humbling (together)

Credit: Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Over Lent this year (2021) a motley but dedicated collection of freelancers, all of whom have a Christian Faith, decided to collaborate on a project we called Lent Voices. Each week we decided on a theme, loosely connected to a bible passage/story.

Below I have linked the contributions for week six – the theme was Humbling and we used the story of Jesus washing his disciples’ feet as our launch. That story can be found in John 13:1-17.

Humbling – by James Fox-Robinson

James has created a visual and aural reflection on the theme of humbling, which you can see here.

Humbling – starting with God loves me – by Sally Nash

Did you, like me, play with daisies when you were younger, they love me, they love me not… Always surprised when it ended up they love me!  Unrequited love was a feature of my adolescence! …(read more)

Humbling – by Mark Berry

A few years ago we ran a night project and café in Telford called Sanktuary. One night a lady left a local nightclub and took off her shoes to walk up the road. Unfortunately see didn’t see a pile of broken glass in the road and she stood right in it!

…(read more)

Dressing like a child – by Lucie Hutson

…As part of an act of worship in the Anglican Theological College where we worked, she invited me to anoint her. I remember whispering “I can’t, I’m not ordained, I can’t… I can’t anoint you.

(read more)

Humbling – by Andy Campbell

Of all the disciples, Peter is the one I most often empathise with.

The Gospels are littered with examples of him holding onto the old ways of doing, being and seeing – only to suddenly perform a massive U-Turn when he finally gets his eureka! moment.

(see more)

What is humility? – by Hasna Khatun

Hasna has brought her original thinking and insight into reflecting on authentic humility through this short video – how does it feel?

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