About Qawah Coaching

I have many years experience in the Charity, Education and Voluntary Sectors – always working in ways to bring hope and possibility to others.

While I offer coaching to anyone who feels I can help them, my prime focus is on helping those who help others – I qualified as a Coach after reflecting on how many of my youth and community peers struggled to invest in themselves. See here for more information on the coaching I offer.

I am qualified Trainer of First Aid for Mental Health – offering a mix of bespoke (but accredited) courses aimed at helping you recognise the signs and symptoms of people struggling, and what you can do to offer help and support. See here for more information on these.

I am also an accomplished public speaker, facilitator and trainer – offering a range of services to you or your organisation. Recently, I have helped with team building, creative reflection, time management, dealing with stress and overwhelm – among other things! See here for a little more information on this, and contact me to find out how I can help you.

Image by gadost0 from Pixabay

I do my best to keep my coaching, first aid for mental health and other costs down for those I am trying to help – not least as I feel especially drawn to help those who are helping others (and too often, in my experience, not so great at self-care…)
If you are able, you can help me with that by buying me a coffee using this link ☕️ – all donations will used to offer lower rates to those who need that option.

“Andy is a highly empathetic and insightful  coach. His support has enabled me to gain different perspectives on the challenging areas in my life and to find positive ways forward. He has a way of hearing what you are not saying and gently guiding you towards those epiphany moments!”

Charles, Youth Worker

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2 thoughts on “About Qawah Coaching

  1. Hi Andy,
    Following my experience of your First Aid for Mental Health course and my daughter’s Samaritans training, I am feeling drawn to explore more training in listening skills or eventually counselling. Can you advise possible next steps please?

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    1. Hi Pip – glad to hear you are looking into this. There are a plethora of courses available in these areas (ranging from free to very expensive, and everything in between), so it does depend on what direction(s) you are looking to head in!

      Some suggestions:
      1) Active Listening:
      a) If you on LinkedIn, you can sign up to their LinkedIn Learning (free for the 1st month) and there are some decent entry-level listening courses there – for example this one: https://www.linkedin.com/learning/improving-your-listening-skills
      b) Coursera also have a free one here: https://www.coursera.org/lecture/wharton-communication-skills/active-listening-wPEgL
      c) And the Open University often have a range of free courses on offer too – check this one out: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/money-business/effective-communication-the-workplace/content-section-overview?active-tab=content-tab

      2) Counselling.
      a) Reed presently have a level 2 certificate in counselling: https://www.reed.co.uk/courses/free/counselling
      b) The OU again: https://www.open.edu/openlearn/bacp

      It will also be worth exploring if your place of work or any networks you belong to have wisdom to share. Workplace CPD will often have suggestions for example.

      Hope that’s a useful start – book a chat if you want more musings or general encouragement 🙂



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