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Andy Campbell, Head Coach

Andy has many years experience in the Charity, Education and Voluntary Sectors.

He is an accomplished public speaker, facilitator, coach and wellness practitioner and is a qualified Trainer of First Aid for Mental Health.

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At Qawah Coaching, we place a premium on making sure you get the best from yourself. We use our experience and skills to help you see things clearly, remove any obstacles, and confidently make the next step forward.


To be coached is to be given the gift of time and space with yourself.

You may be in a time of change, want to reassess parts of your life or recognise that you are somehow stopping yourself from doing or being something. Clients find time with us invaluable as they explore areas of fear, false-belief, anxiety, self-blocking and/or uncertainty.

We work with you to identify what you want to work on, and to help you grow in confidence and to access the resources you need to take the next step(s) forward. See here for some more thoughts about the value of coaching or contact us for more information.


Where clients prefer, we can offer a more directive/advisory process of mentoring. This is (usually) a more formal process than coaching, although it can be based around specifically named goals or desired outcomes. We specialise in mentoring youth and community workers, and those who work in the educational and charitable sectors.

Andy has over 25 years of experience as a youth worker (both paid and voluntary) in a wide range of settings – and has been a youth worker supervisor for both Oasis College and the Centre for Youth Ministry. Contact us for more information.


We are complex beings, and do not always feel able to invest or prioritise in our physical or mental health.

When you work with us on your well-being, we will help you identify areas where you wish to see improvement, and offer you a range of skills and practices which will fit with your lifestyle. See here for some more thoughts about the value of intentional wellness practices or contact us for more information.

(* We offer both Coaching and Well-being sessions to individuals and groups)

1st Aid for Mental Health

Andy is a qualified trainer and facilitator in 1st Aid for Mental Health and can offer a range of courses for individuals and groups – tailored where appropriate to your context. If this might be of use to you, your place of work or in another context, contact us for more information.

Training, Public Speaking and Resource Creation

Sometimes, reflection and learning are best experienced with others. At Qawah Coaching we are experts at public speaking, facilitating seminars and creating bespoke training programmes or other group work – helping you and your business, organisation or group to grow in community, focus and creativity. See here for a little more about how we could help you or contact us for more information.

“Andy is a highly empathetic and insightful coach. His support has enabled me to gain different perspectives on the challenging areas in my life and to find positive ways forward. He has a way of hearing what you are not saying and gently guiding you towards those epiphany moments!”

Charles, Youth Worker

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