“Coaching sessions with Andy have been both helpful and challenging. He is calm and patient, while offering the space and time for me to explore my goals and aspirations. We have made steady progress with the things I wanted/needed to discuss and I would heartily recommend working with him.” Neil, Events Manager.

“Andy’s coaching practice has given me space to explore some of the blockers to reaching my goals both personally and professionally. It’s a rare thing to feel immediately comfortable to examine and challenge ways of thinking and approaching life, but Andy fosters a coaching environment that makes this possible. I leave each session with fresh things to ponder and put into practice.” Jess, Advocacy worker.

“Andy is a highly empathetic and insightful coach. His support has enabled me to gain different perspectives on the challenging areas in my life and to find positive ways forward. He has a way of hearing what you are not saying and gently guiding you towards those epiphany moments! Andy has helped me to identify the areas where I need to focus more time and energy and I always leave our time with a renewed sense of purpose and a smile on my face!” Charles, Youth Worker.

“The sessions are lively and enjoyable with just the right amount of challenge. Andy has used his skills to support my decision-making and has helped me work through a number of issues that were baffling me. I always look forward to coaching sessions and feel better about life after each one. Highly recommended!” Pippa, Priest.

I find the sessions to be relaxed and comfortable. Andy is very good at helping you figure out the roots of a problem and also guides you to come up with your own solutions and strategies to deal with whatever it is, this helps you take responsibility and assume more control which in turn makes one more hopeful and not powerless. I always look forward to the discussions and always keen to share whatever successes I have achieved, most of which are as a result of his excellent coaching!” Doyin, Charity Sector worker.

“Finding myself at a crossroads regarding my career, I worked with Andy to help build my confidence in making good decisions moving forward. From the off, Andy struck me as a friendly and trustworthy character that I could be comfortable talking to. He doesn’t use a lot of off-putting jargon but speaks plainly and deliberately. Over the course of four sessions, he helped me to verbalise the justifications for choices that I was making and gave me sensible and practical tips to put distracting anxiety at bay. I found my coaching sessions with Andy energising and motivating and strongly recommend his approach as a life coach.” Michael, PhD graduate.

We first met Andy an Elders training day… these sessions can be hard going, that was not the case with Andy – we ALL and I mean all fully got his message, speaking to us in a way we could all benefit from. The support given by Andy has continued in providing Lay Preaching to our Church, this I say with all sincerity always resulted in an uplifting experience.” Keith, Church Elder.

“Brilliant! Andy is an amazing coach. He’s a great listener and I am truly feeling a positive shift in my life after just a few sessions. I cannot recommend him highly enough.” Helen, Teacher.

“Andy is a fantastic coach and has a real pastoral ability to draw out your thoughts and ideas is a constructive way that offer clarity, strategy and direction.” Jimmy, National Church Officer.

“Andy is an excellent listener who is able to help you think through issues and identify a way through complex situations.” Julia, Project Manager.

Andy is an excellent coach. He combines the unique virtues of wisdom, life experience and empathy to bring an understanding, practical and helpful view of the world. I’m clear I wouldn’t be living the life I am and wouldn’t have made half of the good decisions I’ve made in my life without Andy.” Andy, Community Interest Company Director.