About Qawah Coaching

Andy Campbell, Head Coach

To Book a free 30 minute conversation, visit https://calendly.com/qawah

Andy has many years experience in the Charity, Education and Voluntary Sectors.

He is an accomplished public speaker, facilitator, coach and wellness practitioner and is a qualified Trainer of First Aid for Mental Health.

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I do my best to keep my coaching, first aid for mental health and other costs down for those I am trying to help – not least as I feel especially drawn to help those who are helping others (and too often, in my experience, not so great at self-care…)
If you are able, you can help me with that by buying me a coffee using this link ☕️ – all donations will used to offer lower rates to those who need that option.

“Andy is a highly empathetic and insightful coach. His support has enabled me to gain different perspectives on the challenging areas in my life and to find positive ways forward. He has a way of hearing what you are not saying and gently guiding you towards those epiphany moments!”

Charles, Youth Worker

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