Training, Public Speaking and Resource Creation

At Qawah, we recognise the importance of learning and development. We have years of expertise working in a wide range of formal and informal education settings, and can offer your business, organisation or group a high-quality bespoke product that meets your specific needs.

Andy has spent much of his career in training, education and charity work. He has designed and taught lessons, courses, and group-learning exercises for all ages – including time as a tutor on two Youth Work and Culture degrees, as a Chaplain in a secondary setting, and Director of a local youth work charity.

Although we have split our approaches into three different categories below, the reality is that often these delivery styles blend to suit the context. We remain convinced that learning and development is best experienced collaboratively and that individuals and communities learn best when they journey together towards a common goal.


We specialise in creative approaches to problem solving, and are experts at capturing complex topics and themes and communicating them clearly in a way that encourages proactive and positive responses. Some things we have provided training for include:

  • Charities seeking to re-connect with the purpose
  • Faith communities looking to re-examine their sense of calling and identity
  • Youth, school and community groups who want to explore ways they can positively impact their communities or grow together
  • Businesses wishing to deepen their sense of identity, build internal relationships or re-discover their core strategies

Andy is also a qualified trainer of FAA-accredited courses in:

  • Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health (RQF level 1/SCQF level 4)
  • First Aid for Mental Health (RQF level 2/SCQF Level 5) – this is the course where you can qualify as a First Aider for Mental Health
  • Supervising First Aid for Mental Health (RQF level 3/SCQF level 6)

Public Speaking:

Andy is an accomplished public speaker, confident and capable in front of crowds of all sizes. He has spoken on a range of topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Wellness and mindfulness
  • Ethics
  • Spirituality
  • Culture
  • Environmental issues and action
  • Creativity
  • Mental Fitness

Andy has also designed and led retreats.

Resource Creation:

We have years of experience of designing and creating resources for individuals or groups to use, covering a range of topics (including those listed above).

  • Lesson plans, assemblies and staff-training/CPD resources for schools
  • One-off sessions or longer courses for youth or community groups
  • Study materials for church or community groups
  • Wellness journal ideas for individuals or groups
  • Urban Retreats for individuals and groups who want to reflect on spirituality in a city

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