#LentVoices – Leaving

The gospel stories say Jesus was ‘driven’ into the wilderness for those 40 days. There were wild animals there, but also angels.

I’m struck by the parallels of our collective existence, especially this past year. We’ve been forced out of our routines, comforts and assumptions and into a new territory that is confusing, frightening and holds significant dangers. Our wild beasts might come in the shape of a virus, loneliness or anxiety – and some of them have teeth and claws that will leave scars.

But there are also angels. Individuals and communities that have helped those around them to stand, walk, function, even thrive where possible.

As a Coach, I often speak to people who are in a place of transition – perhaps paralysed by real or perceived dangers that surround them. I try my best to help them see where they have control or influence, what they need to stop fighting or put down, to practice self care, reflect on the resources they have, and consider who might help guide them to the next stage.

It can be really tempting to return to old ways of being and doing – even if we know they no longer work. But growth *always* means leaving something behind – a habit, a belief, a story we told ourselves… and having the bravery to take the next step and see what is over that next dune.

(c) Andy Campbell 2021

This post is part of a collaborative project called #LentVoices. For more details of both the project and contributors, see here.

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