#LentVoices Sacrificing (together)

Credit: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Over Lent this year (2021) a motley but dedicated collection of freelancers, all of whom have a Christian Faith, decided to collaborate on a project we called Lent Voices. Each week we decided on a theme, loosely connected to a bible passage/story.

Below I have linked the contributions for week five – the theme was Sacrificing and we used another time Jesus predicted his death as our launch. That can be found in John 12:20-33.

Theo-drama: sacrificing – the theology of surrendering – by Hasna Khatun

Very truly I tell you: unless the church stops counting attendees, and instead dies to that habit, it remains just a building (Click here to see [and hear] Hasna’s reflection on YouTube)

Silkworm – by James Fox Robinson

…we perhaps might think often about our own sacrifices, the things that we lay down for other people – the things that we don’t get or deserve.

But how often do we think about our relationship with the sacrifice that other make for us… (click here to hear more of James’ reflection)

Sacrifice – by Sally Nash

…This past year, many of us have been in transition, sometimes forced. Compelled to make sacrifices we never expected or wanted to make.

Some of us had to walk across the bridge terrified. Some of us will have had company on that journey. Some of us might have felt alone…

(read the rest of Sally’s post on Facebook or LinkedIn)

Sacrificing – by Mark Berry

…Joseph Schumpeter, the economist compared changing cultures and markets to the ‘adaptive zones’ that emerge during times of biological change.

These times in between times are spaces where many things flourish, some gain a foothold, some mutate and many, if not most die.... (read more)

Sacrificing – by Lucie Hutson

…As we continue thinking about “sacrifice”, from John 12 ,Jesus reminds us of the reactions of people.

The Greeks who wanted to meet Him, the disciples keen to introduce a friend, the crowds following, the audible voice like thunder.

In such a short while all of those voices would be distant jeers, mocking crowds and silence as Jesus faced ultimate isolation… (read more)

Sacrificing – by Andy Campbell

A reptile sheds her skin, a hermit crabs steps out of a shell in search for another, the parent tries to persuade the child to let go of their cherished favourite jumper – for each have realised that which once offered comfort and protection is now too small, too constricting, no longer sufficient… (read more)

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