#LentVoices – Releasing

If someone asked you to describe your essence – how would you begin to reply?

What things about your personality are non-negotiable?

Jesus once said that those who would follow him would need to deny themselves and that those trying to save their lives might instead lose them… It’s a hard teaching, and one that many (understandably) struggle with.

But what if this losing – this releasing of things we think are important, vital – is actually freedom?

In the coaching world, we often help clients explore their self-limiting beliefs or behaviours – the things we think or do that stop us from being our truest self. 

These things are often rooted in our past – a decision we made or an action that we took, or even something that someone else did or said to us. They can come from a place of self-protection, perhaps trying to rationalise the unknowable, or someone else projecting their fears or own limitations on us.

They ultimately stop us growing, keeping us safely in a place where we think we know who we are – at the cost of finding out who we can be.

Maybe – just maybe – part of what Jesus is saying this: it is time for us to stop pretending we have it sussed, and instead be prepared to shed some of our old skin and start looking for the adventure that exploring potential can bring.

Phoenix rising

This post is part of a collaborative project called #LentVoices. For more details of both the project and contributors, see here.

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