#LentVoices Releasing (together)

Credit: Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

Over Lent this year (2021) a motley but dedicated collection of freelancers, all of whom have a Christian Faith, decided to collaborate on a project we called Lent Voices. Each week we decided on a theme, loosely connected to a bible passage/story.

Below I have linked the contributions for week two – the theme was Releasing and we used the story of Jesus predicting his death for the first time (and Peter’s issue with that) as our launch. That story can be found in Mark 8:31-38.

Releasing – by Mark Berry

A few years ago I was booked to speak at an event in Kiev, my first trip outside of Western Europe. Arriving in the airport I met with a few other participants and together we made the three-hour journey across the City. Taking a taxi, a train, the underground and eventually a public bus, we arrived hot, tired, dusty and fetid! It turned out the event was being held at an old Soviet era education center, most of the plumbing didn’t work.. (read more)

Releasing and Gaining Your Soul – by Lucie Hutson (change link)

Souls are often talked about – soul mates, soul friendship, good for your soul. Yet it remains something that cannot be identified even with the best medical scanning technology. The soul is a rich mysterious term that resonates with people, yet many times leaves a longing. “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”(Mark 8:36).. (read more)

Releasing – by Andy Campbell

If someone asked you to describe your essence – how would you begin to reply?

What things about your personality are non-negotiable?

Jesus once said that those who would follow him would need to deny themselves and that those trying to save their lives might instead lose them… It’s a hard teaching, and one that many (understandably) struggle with.

But what if this losing – this releasing of things we think are important, vital – is actually freedom? .. (read more)

Theo-drama: Releasing – by Hasna Khatun

Authentic characters.

Last week we set the scene for our Theodrama. It’s an emerging scene, because we live in the now and the not yet. True goodness has and is yet to come.. (listen to the rest of Hasna’s scene-setting here)

Releasing – by James Fox Robinson

…The disciples are with Jesus in Caesarea Philippi – it’s a village about 25 miles north of the Sea of Galilee, and it was also a retirement home for Roman Officials: the Bournmouth of the Roman Empire, if you will.. (listen to the rest of James’ short reflection here)

Releasing my expectations – by Sally Nash

As a child I loved reading although I think got a little frustrated sometimes by the ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ endings as real life didn’t always seem like that.   

I knew about Jesus from an early age.  At Sunday School I listened to stories and sang hymns. Both shaped me.  As a teenager I made a more conscious decision to follow a Jesus who talked about taking up a cross.. (read more)

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