1 in 15 interviews

I’ve conducted a series of short interviews (15 minutes each, give or take) asking guests from a wide variety of backgrounds what their ‘One Big Thing’ is – the thought dominating their personal or professional lives at the moment. It’s been a fantastic thing to host. My guests have included Stand Up Comics, Coaches, Youth … Continue reading 1 in 15 interviews

Why Qawah?

Qawah is a Hebrew word, which means “to wait, look for or hope with eager expectation.” This waiting is far from passive – but balances the things we are in control of with those things that are outside of our immediate influence. We can wrestle (with our contexts, our resources and even ourselves) as we wait … Continue reading Why Qawah?

Training, Public Speaking and Resource Creation

At Qawah, we recognise the importance of learning and development. We have years of expertise in a range of formal and informal education settings, and can off your business, organisation or group a high-quality bespoke product that responds to your needs.

Wellness – what is it, and why should I think about it?

We are complex beings, and do not always feel able to invest or prioritise in our physical or mental health – but when we do so, we are at risk of under-performing or even injuring ourselves. There has been a significant amount of study in the last few decades, highlighting the value of intentional wellness practices … Continue reading Wellness – what is it, and why should I think about it?


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About Me

I’ve spent my career helping people understand more about themselves and the world we inhabit, and have many years experience in the Charity, Education, Community and Voluntary Sectors.
I am an accomplished public speaker, facilitator, coach educator and wellness practitioner.
I am also a qualified trainer in First Aid for Mental Health.
To find out how I can help you, contact me here

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