The two sides of your Wellbeing Coin

Source Micheile Henderson

Did you know that you have a Wellbeing coin?

Like every proverbial coin, there are two sides to it: one which is proactive, and the other which is reactive.

The ‘proactive’ side we can call Mental Fitness.

This is the side that we can (and should try to) work on and invest in whenever we are able to. Mental Fitness looks and feels different for each of us – it might include meditation, physical exercise, creative engagement, journalling, a healthy diet and sleep patterns (and an almost infinite list of others).

It is worth our while to develop skills in this area – exploring what works for us as we go – as this increase our capacity to grow and flourish in better times and to manage and cope in tricker ones (this increases an internal resource often called Resilience, which I have spoken about previously).

  • Remember: improving our Mental Fitness does more than help us deal with seasons of struggle – it also means we are more likely to recognise and begin to engage with our real potential.

The ‘reactive’ side of the coin we can call Mental Health Care.

This is the side that we need to pay particular attention to during those times of difficulty. Like Mental Fitness, Mental Health Care will look and feel different to each of us – it might include interventions such as medical or therapeutic care, some form of First Aid For Mental Health (again I have mentioned this elsewhere), and/or recognising the need to stop an activity or change how we are approaching it.

To be fully healthy, it is worth investing in both sides of your coin – perhaps take a moment today to (re)think how you are doing in terms of your Mental Fitness and Health Care.

Those of us who have some position of care and responsibility for others (colleagues, family, friends, employees…) would also do well to reflect on how we can best support others to create and sustain healthy relationships with each side of their wellbeing coin. This is why I offer both individuals and organisations advice and training on both side – whether through coaching, wellbeing practices and/or via the accredited First Aid for Mental Health courses I run.

If you want to know more about any of the above, please get in touch!

You have 15 minutes to discuss the ‘One Big Thing’​ dominating your thinking…

Image by Pierre Bamin:
Image by Pierre Bamin:

…what would you be talking about?

For the couple of months, it’s genuinely been my amazing privilege to host and participate in a series of 15 minute* conversations with amazing people talking about the ‘one big thing’ dominating their thinking.

Each and every one of those conversations has left me energisedhopeful and with some further personal and professional reflection to do.

The guests have been a disparate bunch – at least on an initial observation. Comics to Coaches; Members of Parliament to members of the clergy; youth work specialists, writers and CEOs

And the topics might likewise appear disconnected – but there have been surprising and encouraging overlaps, and what links them all is a sense of hope, possibility and potential. What has struck me (having been part of every conversation) is the commonality within the series – people wrestling with change that has been forced upon them to an extent, driven and shaped by a pandemic that no theoretical framework could have truly mitigated for, who are nonetheless determined to turn the manure generated into a compost for something beautiful.

See the full list of guests and topics covered here or pop over to the youtube channel and have an explore…